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Auto Door


Auto Door

Auto Door Passenger Elevators for Residential, Commercial Buildings, Hotel, Clubs, & Bungalows depending upon the shaft size with speed / amenities as per the need of users.

► M.S. /S.S. Glass Door Panels

► Door operation options of center opening / Telescopic opening / Glass door opening.

► Powder coated (multi-color) cars and doors, elegant in looks, light in weight, and variable speed options.

► Microprocessor based controller with full collective-selective control.

► AC VVVF drive for smooth operations and variable speeds.

► Over load indications and floor announcement system.

► Infrared curtain for door safety II. Automatic rescue device for power back up

► Luminous push button / touch buttons, which are highly attractive and durable.

► Digital / LCD floor indication in LOP & COP

► Decorative LED lights with suspended ceilings

► PVC / Marble / Granite flooring.

► Blower fan for multi-cross air delivery.

► Hand rail with mirror on rear side.

Speed 0.70 to 1.5 mt/ps
Capacity 06 to 20 Passenger
Car Finish MS Powder Coated Car. Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car. Steel Designed & Steel Hair line Finish Car. Steel Mirror & Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car
Type of Door
  • Center-Opening Auto Door.
  • Telescopic Auto Door.
Doors Finish MS Powder Coated Auto Door. Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Auto Door. Stainless Steel Designed Finish Auto Door.
Switch Panels Button
  • Surface Micro Electro Button.
  • Touch Button.
Switch Panels Display
  • Seven Segment Digital LED Display.
  • Digital Dot Matrix Display.
  • LCD Display.

Auto Door Elevator

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