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Manual Telescopic Door

Manual Telescopic Door Details

We specializes in manufacturing superior quality Telescopic Doors that are fabricated using advance techniques. These telescopic doors provide a complete safety-assured and space saving solution for wider openings. All four doors open and retract, requiring less interior wall space and allowing a larger automatic opening than conventional sliding doors. The telescopic is the only automatic sliding door unit that combines the widest automatic opening with full emergency breakout in a single package. A telescopic door gives nearly 60% of the total structural opening width as a clear walk through space compared to about 45% for a standard parting door.

Manual Passenger Elevators for economically suited all type of Residential & Commercial Buildings depending upon the shaft size with speed / amenities as per the need of users.

► M.S. / S.S. Panels

► Collapsible / imperforated / Three fold sliding / Swing doors.

► Powder coated (multi-color) cars and doors, elegant in looks, light in weight, and variable speed options.

► Microprocessor based controller with full collective -selective control.

► AC VVVF drive for smooth operations and variable speeds.

► Over load indications and floor announcement system.
► Automatic rescue device for power back up.

► Luminous push button/touch buttons, which are highly attractive and durable.

► Digital / LCD floor indication in LOP & COP.

► Decorative LED lights with suspended ceilings.

► PVC / Marble / granite flooring.

► Blower fan for multi-cross air delivery.

► Hand rail with mirror on rear side.

Speed 0.70 to
Capacity 04 to 30 Passenger
Car Finish MS Powder Coated Car. Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car. Steel Designed & Steel Hair line Finish Car. Steel Mirror & Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car.
Doors Finish M.S Swing Manual Doors, M.S Collapsible Manual Doors Wooden Swing Manual Doors
Switch Panels Button Surface Micro Electro Button
Switch Panels Display Seven Segment Digital LED Display. Digital Dot Matrix Display.

Manual Door Elevator Diagram

Technical Specification

Hoistway Machine Room Plan For Manual Door Size